Welcome to Etang Des Royales

Introducing the lakes

Etang des Royales is a 25 acre fishing complex located in the Champagne region of France. Comprising of two well stocked fishing lakes one containing carp and the other catfish and carp. The entire complex is fenced with a secure set of entry gates, so security is not an issue. There is a large car park and vehicle access around the lake, so if you wish to drop your tackle off at your swim on the main lake, you can.

The main carp fishing lake is 15 acres, has a gravel bottom with plenty of features and an average depth of about 6-7ft with the deepest part reaching up to 9ft. The bank of the lake is also gravel, lined with mature trees and bushes. There are 5 double swims on the main lake, each containing ample room for 2 bivvies and steps leading down into the water, making all operations safe and confortable. Our guests will find an excellent head of carp ranging from upper doubles to over the magic 60lb mark, with a large number being over 50lb, with more chance of catching a 40lb+ fish than a 20lb. Few catfish are present, size unknown, due to the removal of all cats caught and put into our little lake (catfish lake).

The smaller of the two fishing lakes is approximately 5 acres, also with a gravel bottom, depth between 4-6ft, gravel bank and surrounded by mature trees. This lake is our specimen catfish lake with fish to over 100lbs and once again now is available for carp fishing also with carp up to 30lb, definitely a runs water. Fishing allowed only from the beach.

Around the house

We have taken great care to keep the whole complex looking like a garden, trimmed all the time, very pleasant to the eye, where you can have an enjoyable walk. And here we try to live in harmony with nature and our pets. Consequently our guests are kindly asked to respect the nature and wild life.

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