Catfish Lake

Our smaller of the two lakes, approximately 5 acres, holds our catfish stock with many over 70lb with also many carp to 30lb. Due to popular demand we have decided to allow people to fish for the carp as well as catfish, obviously using the appropriate end tackle for each species. For those of you waiting just to catch good catfish with the specialised tackle this is a must, with many catfish being caught to over 100lb.

Stock is always being added to this, as each time a catfish is caught on the big lake, it is transferred to the small lake. We allow only two anglers fishing as a pair from the beach.


These rules are designed to make the catfishing accessible for our guests, and to protect both the catfish and carp in the lake.

  • Minimum 20lb mono
  • Minimum 45lb braid
  • Single hook rigs only
  • Hook size maximum size 8
  • Barbed hooks only
Ben with a 87lb specimen
Nev with a 104lb lake record