Catch Reports

4th - 11th of November 2006

After a break of a week with no guests, we were blessed with 7 anglers, all of them repeated visitors. Great atmosphere, everybody got on very well although there were three different parties and lots of jokes were told around the log fire. To brave even more the cold weather the catches weren't bad at all! Out of 45 runs, 41 fish were landed as follows - 4 x 40's, 17 x 30's, 12 x 20's, 7 x doubles and a catfish of 41lb. Not that it was a competition but two of our guests managed to bank 11 carp each! Kevin Jefferies caught 2 doubles, 20 1/4lb, 23lb, 26 1/2lb, 2 x 28lb, 33lb, 33 3/4lb, 34 1/4lb & 39lb. Who said the winter fishing is not as good as the season's one? Here is the proof. Squirt Snook managed to put on the bank 1 double, 27lb, 29 1/4lb, 30 1/4lb, 30 1/4lb common, 31lb, 2 x 32 1/2lb, 41lb, 42lb and 45lb. Well done to all of them!

11th - 18th of November 2006

Four anglers graced our lake for this particular week. Although the conditions were harsh they managed to bank 20 fish out of 25 runs. The tally for the week - 6 x 40's, 5 x 30's, 5 x 20's and 4 x doubles. Jack Dean landed half of them as follows - 1 double, 23lb, 25 3/4lb, 34lb, 35lb, 40 3/4lb, 41lb, 43lb, 44lb & 45lb. A catch to die for even in the season!!

22nd - 29th April 2006

This time 10 anglers banked 119 fish!! 9 x 40's, 48 x 30's, 57 x 20's, 3 x doubles and 2 catfish - 45lb & 48 1/2lb. Ben and John had 19 carp between two of them. Best catch of the week - Tony Burgin - 28 fish as follows: 21lb, 22lb, 2 x 23lb, 4 x 24lb, 2 x 26lb, 2 x 28lb, 3 x 29lb, 30lb common, 30 1/2lb, 31lb, 31lb common, 32lb, 32 1/2lb, 33lb, 2 x 35lb, 38lb, 39lb, 40lb & 41lb.

15th - 22nd April 2006

We started the season mid April and for the first week it was a brilliant result. 6 guests on the lake managed to have 47 runs, landing 35 of them. The tally for the week: 2 x 40's - 41 3/4lb & 43lb, 11 x 30's, 19 x 20's and 3 x doubles. Best catch of the week - Steve Bennett - 13 carp as follows: 1 double, 22 3/4lb, 25lb, 26lb, 26 3/4lb, 28lb common, 30lb, 32lb, 33lb, 38lb, 38 1/2lb, 41 1/2lb & 43lb. Note - Ben also had a good start, for his report see Ben's corner.